Sigilla 70

The SIGILLA 70 sealing machine is designed for dissolving and laying modified bitumen for sealing cracks in road surfaces.
It consists of a container with a capacity of approximately 70 kg, in which the product is dissolved, with an insulated lid. A manual agitator is mounted on the lid for mixing while heating.

The container is insulated on the outside with high-density rock wool to maintain heat and for safety reasons.
The heating is produced by a gas burner of the ‘TAPPET’ type, with a control valve to manage the temperature, and accidental shutdown due to external agents. A visual thermometer will provide the operator with immediate control of the temperature reached by the product.

The spreading of the bitumen is done by means of a manual shutter valve and a power strip that follows the crack to optimise and facilitate the work.

The sealer is mounted on wheels to facilitate movement.
The sealer is also equipped with a gas-powered torch.

The ease of use of the SIGILLA 70 makes it a practical and economical piece of equipment for small sealing jobs where there are no pumps, hoses or mechanical parts, avoiding the downtime of unblocking and cleaning at the end of the job.


  • 70 kg capacity.
  • Insulated heating chamber.
  • Insulated closing hatch.
  • Gas burner with temperature control valve and gas outlet block valve in the event of accidental burner shutdown. Piezo ignition.
  • Manual torch.
  • Thermometer for reading the sealant temperature.
  • Sealant outlet tap with control near the handlebar.
  • Product collection “CIABATTA” for perfect spreading. The equipment is mounted on articulated supports to adhere perfectly to the ground.
  • Self-supporting frame with 4 wheels, two pivoting, two fixed pneumatic wheels of large diameter.
  • Dimensions: length 150 cm; width 110 cm; height 120 cm.
  • Weight: 165 kg dry.