Modena macchine costruzioni stradali

over 30 years of history

Modena Macchine Costruzioni Stradali has many years of experience with CO.ME.BA in the design and construction of bitumen emulsion spraying machines to which it constantly applies the latest technological innovations.

Modena Macchine Costruzioni Stradali’s machines are state-of-the-art products, designed and tailor-made for the customer by following market variations and adapting the product to his needs; all this even after the sale, thanks to direct marketing and after-sales service.

Modena Macchine Costruzioni Stradali’s products come with all the necessary safety features for use, as they all meet the requirements of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive.

A range covering every need

We have designed a wide range of machinery to ensure that our customers can find different products to suit every need. We offer four product lines: large machines, light machines, medium machines and special machines. The machines in these lines are varied: they range from bitumen emulsion sprayers with drum intake, heated emulsion tanks, to road crack sealers, multi-purpose minidumpers, motorsprays, and compactor rollers.

In the production of each machine, we focus on efficiency, total safety, and ease of use for operators. 

Pre- and after-sales service

Modena Macchine Costruzioni Stradali ensures its customers accurate and timely assistance on products from the entire range.
Service is provided throughout the country, directly from headquarters or through a network of specialised distributors.
Our constantly replenished spare parts warehouse guarantees fast deliveries of normal wear parts throughout Italy.

So… take the Modena Macchine Costruzioni Stradali route!