JH motor sprayer




ROBIN SUBARU EX17 petrol engine, with manual recoil start.
Hydraulic system consisting of:
– Hydraulic oil tank with hydraulic system protection filter inside.
– Hydraulic pump flanged to petrol engine.
– Manual switch for engaging the emulsion pump.

The emulsion pump is connected to the hydraulic motor, moved by the oil put under pressure in the system by the hydraulic pump, connected to the internal combustion engine. This system makes it possible to engage the pump safely and without the use of mechanical parts such as gears, clutches, etc. Furthermore, the pump being bi-directional, can pump the emulsion in the pipes back into the tank and thus avoid consuming emulsion. The operations described above are carried out by acting on the manual diverter at the rear of the tank in such a position that it does not climb onto the vehicle.

Gear-driven emulsion pump with a flow rate of 15 litres/min., self-priming with BY-PAS valve for pressure control and regulation, self-heated by the engine via the exhaust gases.
Iron dipstick connected to the emulsion pump for suction of diesel for duct cleaning. Diesel fuel can be sucked in from any container. By means of this suction pipe, emulsion contained in drums can be sucked in and transferred to the tank.
No. 01 Manual spraying lance with tap.
Rubber hoses with pressed metal fittings.
Iron motor unit protection casing.
Casing mounted on tank base with bolts.
Manually operated emulsion recirculation. It allows the emulsion to be sucked from the bottom of the tank, i.e. already hot, and brought to the top. This operation is indispensable where the emulsion remains in the tank for a long time, because it moves the emulsion and revives it.
Gas-fired burner with piezo ignition, temperature control and regulation via thermostat with automatic pilot start, visual control via thermometer. Maximum temperature set at 80°C.Gas supply cut-off system in the event of accidental burner shutdown.
Cylindrical emulsion holding tank with a capacity of 500 up to 4,000 litres with steel top hatch with vent valve, for emulsion loading, side opening for inspection and cleaning, 2″ side cap for emulsion emptying. Lifting hooks for unloading the tank with a crane and lower recesses for unloading with forklift forks etc. (only with empty tank).
Boiler protection nets.
Dimensions: depending on model