er/cr series emulsifier tanks

MODENA MACCHINE COSTRUZIONI STRADALI SRL ‘SERIE ER/CR’ emulsion tanks are systems fixed directly onto the vehicle chassis, for transporting bitumen emulsion from the plant to the construction site, and then spreading the material by means of an injection bar.



The tank ensures the maintenance or heating of the emulsion by means of burners fuelled by LPG or diesel.

The tank can be insulated to prevent heat loss. There are different tank capacities, so that they can be adapted in size and weight to the vehicle chosen for transport.

The ER/CR series tanks are equipped with various automatic systems, controlled from the truck cab, which allow the total bitumen emulsion spraying to be controlled by the operator.

Various accessories can be fitted to the spraying system, such as computers for ground metering of the bitumen emulsion, a water transport tank, systems for cleaning the system with non-dispersing recovery of the washing liquid, and others to facilitate work.

These series of emulsion tanks are the pinnacle of evolution applied to bitumen emulsion spraying.

Bitumen emulsion sprayer with heated tank to be mounted on truck, consisting of:

  • Water-cooled three-cylinder diesel engine with electric start.
  • Emulsion pump coupling, water pump coupling, boom lifting and extension operated via hydraulic system with controls on electric panel in vehicle cab.
  • Engine-hydraulic power unit, housed on base frame, positioned between vehicle cab and tanker (to be verified with truck bodywork).
  • Emulsion pump, gear-driven with a capacity of 100 litres/min, self-priming with BY-PASS pressure control valve, with reversibility of direction of rotation.
  • Hydraulic system protected by heat exchanger.
  • Hydraulically expandable spray bar with 4.00 m ground clearance with 10 nozzles type ES32 5 mm hole with 400 mm pitch. The nozzle drive controls are positioned on a fixed console in the cab of the vehicle.

Bar consisting of:

  • Fixed central part with 6 nozzles, each opened and closed by air-controlled jack, with total ground clearance of 2.40 m, the nozzles opening and closing will be simultaneous. The nozzles can each be excluded manually by means of a ball valve located on the nozzle itself, for reduced-width passes.
  • Two nozzles on each side of the fixed boom. The nozzles open or close automatically when the spinner is actuated.
  • Recirculation of the emulsion within the boom and system with return of the emulsion to the tank automatically activated when the nozzles close.
  • Boom mounted on structure suitable for adjusting boom height from ground level with hydraulic system
    Spray lance.
  • Manual lance hose reel.
  • Tank for cleaning the emulsion circuit without letting the detergent spill outside, with cleaning fluid reuse system.
  • Pneumatic cleaning/working selection.
  • Diesel burner.
  • Cylindrical emulsion containment tank with steel top hatch for emulsion loading, rear inspection and cleaning opening, side cap for emptying, splash guards.
    Emulsion quantity control inside the emulsion tank by float, with external index.
  • Cylindrical water tank with upper hatch for water filling, housed on the same base as the emulsion tank, treated with HOT GALVANIZATION inside and out. Water transfer pump, 100 litres/min., with hydraulic coupling and control in electric panel in vehicle cab. Hoses and cistern closure tap included.
  • Dimensions: – To be adapted to the characteristics of the truck.


  • Emulsion tank insulation.